I am 28 years old and I don’t have they eyeliner knack.

Every time I try to line my eyes, something goes wrong. They end up a complete mess, I’ve tried pencils, brushes, ones like crayons or felt tips, tried different tips and techniques, always a bit squiffy.
Sometimes just plain smeared or like a very drunk spider dipped in ink drew them.

A former colleague of mine, who always had the most incredible winged kohl, told me the trick was to start on the outside corners, draw an outline, then fill it in, making it even as you go. Tried that, didn’t work.

So I’ve basically stopped bothering, I have so many eyeliners lining around. But at the moment, even though it would make my eyes look less droopy (I have a muscle weakness in one eyelid) and more pronounced behind my glasses, I give up.

Any suggestions out there? I need an utterly foolproof method.