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What’s in a name


So I saw this on Tumblr earlier (apologies for the tiny image – cannot seem to make it bigger), the comment at the bottom is mine.

I am Madeleine. I share my name with a cake that had Proust in rhapsodies, a district in Paris (I sat in Place de la Madeleine eating madeleines once, it was hilarious), author Madeleine L’Engle, former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright (she’s @madeleine on Twitter).

If mispronounced (frequently happens) I get called ‘Madeline’ and become a redhead who lives in two straight lines under the watchful eye of a nun.

My mum named me after Mary Magdalen in the Bible – she was Jesus’ friend (some say wife) and as far as my parents were concerned I was their miracle baby. Madeleine is the French version of Magdalen.

I hated my name growing up, it was nine letters no one could spell or pronounce correctly. Even teachers.

I’ve grown into it. But I’ll never be a Maddy, Maddie or Maddi. Mads I can tolerate but not Maddy.



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