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Review: The Time Traveller Times


These slim volumes pictured above are the first four issues of The Time Traveller Times.

I discovered the existence of this indie periodical in the Facebook group British Steampunk Community. Steampunk is something I’ve been interested in for a while, even dressing up and attending an event at a steam museum.

For those who don’t know – Steampunk is a literary movement writ large. Most books and films that fall into this genre are Victorian in period but with steam-powered modern technology.

Examples range from Jules Verne to Cherie Priest’s Clockwork Century series. Films like Wild Wild West and The Adventures of Adele Blanc-sec feature traits too. Musically there are lots of bands but my recommendation is Steam-powered Giraffe.

Back to the TTT. Time travel is a popular SP theme – and the chap behind these fun and clever booklets has clearly done his research.

They feature the ongoing story of time travelling adventurer Captain Nik Ve and his crew aboard the ♎. As well as reports from both the past, issue one features Charles Darwin and the terrifying future epidemic Kangaroo Flu! Others will cover events ranging from the Black Death to the Space Race and beyond.

Currently they’re only available from the author via Facebook. As it’s a new venture he is currently testing the waters before exploring the best outlet. His name is Charles Samuel Watson and can be found on the British Steampunk Community page or at many Steampunk events taking place over the summer.


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