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The ‘My Little Box’ fiasco


One of the beauty boxes I’ve liked over the last few months has been French My Little Box. But things have gone somewhat awry.

The money for the boxes is taken at the beginning of the month and the box shipped about 2 weeks later. Except June’s box, for many, has failed to materialize.

An email was sent out about a week after the payments went out, saying there had been a delay with one of the items for the box and it would be a bit late. I’m not sure why they didn’t just substitute a different item.

A few boxes seem to have made their way across the Channel (for example – Which Beauty Box UK was able to review one a few weeks ago), however an awful lot of people (including me) have received nothing.

Emails to customer services go unanswered, there is no phone number, Facebook comments are ignored (the number of disgruntled customers would scare me if I was them), money has been taken out for July’s box in some cases, but nothing.

I know there was a strike at Calais, but an email to apologise, maybe the promise of an extra item in the next box, something to appease your customers would be great. Instead radio silence and pictures like this:


on social media. The insensitive nature of a beach photo in the wake of the Tunisian tragedy aside, as someone who has worked in customer service for years, I can tell you this is not good.

This is how you lose your customer base, as they go to your competitors, and they have plenty (Birchbox, Glossybox, and many more).

On my account, and on many others, June’s box is ‘processing’, not that that seems to mean anything. One lady on Facebook said her account said ‘delivered’ but nothing has been!

They seriously need to look at their supply chain and work out where they went wrong, the switch from Royal Mail to Hermes doesn’t seem to have helped either, and fix it pronto.

***Update – got an email this afternoon from ‘Colette’, the customer services head apparently. Now the claim is that my box got lost in the post but they’ve dispatched another one. Recently MLB switched from Royal Mail (never had a problem) to Hermes (normally a good company) but they’re blaming their problems on the postal system. Still says ‘processing’ on my account so we shall see***


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