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My Little French Riviera Box

So, you may remember a post about the missing My Little Box.


It finally appeared today, over a month late. July’s box is due to arrive next week.

Anyway, now that it’s here – was it worth the wait?


And the answer is… Not really.

These boxes are a bit hit and miss – and this one feels like a miss.

In terms of beauty products it contains

Kerastase Anti-frizz leave in hair milk.

Exclusive blue nail polish picked by designer Sarah Lavoine who curated this box and My Little Beauty body scrub.


The lifestyle items are where this really falls down this month.

There are a pair of plastic sunglasses that will never suit me, I know there were several different pairs – perhaps they could have asked us to select them.


There are also two plastic printed plant pot holders/covers that you can apparently use to store your make up.
These are really cheap looking and one of them has a hole in the bottom where the stitching is badly done. If this was what delayed the box to start with, I’d rather they hadn’t bothered.


Frankly I’m underwhelmed, and since no real apology for all the hold ups and faffing about has been forthcoming, I’m not sure whether to continue with MLB.



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