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Boarding School Stories

I went to state school, church school at that, but remain as obsessed with boarding school stories now as I was at 13 when I desperately wanted to be sent away to school as I was so unhappy where I was.


Malory Towers, the Chalet School, St Clare’s, these schools were what I dreamed of. Now I know that life is not all midnight feasts and hockey matches (or hiding from Nazis in the Alps).


But the magic of boarding school stories continues, and I am loving Robin Stevens’ Wells & Wong Mystery series, there are three books so far, inspired by Agatha Christie’s fantastic stories (I adore Monsieur Poirot).


These are aimed at the Young Adult market but since I dont believe there should be a cut off point for reading great books, I don’t care. The brightly coloured spines are smiling at me from the bookcase.

Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong are thirteen year old boarding school girls. Daisy from a posh English family and Hazel the daughter of a successful Hong Kong businessman. They are the founding members of the Detective Society, the Holmes and Watson of the bun break and prep set.

The books are funny, clever, well written,  I haven’t yet guessed the identities of who dunnit? which is always a plus in a murder mystery.

Perhaps the best boarding school ever - St Trinian's created by Ronald Searle


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