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Nails Inc. Mini Splurge

Now you’re probably aware my main beauty addiction is nail polish and my favourite supplier is Nails Inc.

They’ve got a new limited edition range in association with Alice + Olivia. Four polishes ready for Autumn.


While I was on the site I accidentally added some other polishes to my basket.

Spring/Summer Gel Effect Collection


I already have a few of these shades, but since I love them, a back up option isn’t so bad.

Autumn Gel Effect Collection


New, deeper shades for the changing seasons.

When you spend £35 you get a free gift, and £45 gets you free delivery. If you become a VIP member (£5 a year) you get 10% off each item you buy. Massive savings plus goodies.

Freebies - nail kale Regents Park

And can we talk about packaging. A box to keep your polishes in delivered in a reusable bag. Excellent use of packaging with minimal waste.

The splurge in full

Well that’s me with plenty of polish to use till the next time I get the urge to splurge.


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