Things I’ve learnt since I was 18

Updating my CV this week as I start job hunting in earnest I looked at the list of exams I took as a teenager and thought about how much has changed since then.


Why do the things I learnt at school, learnt to pass a standardized test that tells you nothing about me now, matter so much to employers. I have 12 GCSEs, 3 A Levels, a Bachelor’s Degree and a Masters. But employers always seem to ask about those things 16 year old me did, not the 29 year old me now.

Teenagers are by nature idiots. They can’t help it, the risk assessing part of your brain doesn’t develop till your 20s, so you do unbelievably stupid things. I know I did. Then you grow up.


The things we knew at 16 or 18, the exams we passed (or didn’t) have such a major impact on our futures, but should we really be relying on teenagers to make those decisions. I picked an A Level subject I ended up hating, and dropped one I was passionate about, because it looked better, now I know I should have followed my passion.

Who on earth decided 18 year olds are the best people to decide their futures? I almost failed my A Levels, teetering on the edge of a nervous breakdown as I was (boy, was that a fun way to spend my summer), but the things I’ve learnt since then, surely they should matter more.

Me at 18, i don't recognise this girl anymore

I don’t mean just academically, I have learnt how to be a person, hold responsibility, the difference between Direct Debits and standing orders (go me!) as well as plenty of other things.


As my twenties come to an end, and more of my friends get married, have kids, buy houses, have we cracked adulthood? Doesn’t that matter more than who we were at 18?


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