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Love Me Beauty – bit of a wobble

Love Me Beauty has revised its boutique again, the second time in as many months.

Now you get 60 credits and items are either 10 or 20 credits each – and apparently there is a way to add more.


I stuck with the 60 member credits. It doesn’t allow you to select much. Most of the 10 credit items are things like a LMB nailfile. However there are a few gems.


I got a Ciate mini nail polish and Lord & Berry crayon lipstick for 10 credits each and then Monuspa Rosewood Revitalizing Mist and a Lord & Berry Twistick lipstick for 20 credits each.


Bit disappointing when you used to be able to get more under the old system for the same money. There were lots of Lord & Berry lip items and nail polishes, hopefully next month will have more variety.


They’ve also dispensed with boxes and the items arrived in a little canvas bag inside a padded envelope, not as glam as some beauty subscriptions.

LMB has the possibility of being really fantastic, the ability to pick your products is great but a little more effort to make things seem special would be even better.


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