Lip balm – essentials

An essential in my make up armoury and something I take everywhere with me is lipbalm. I get really dry, cracked lips, which drive me nuts.

I have a ridiculous number of lip balms stashed in various places around my flat and at last count about four in my bag.

I tend to stick to the roll up/push up kind that don’t require dipping your finger into the pot to get the balm out. More hygienic. Apart from the obligatory tub of vaseline – useful for so many things.

Here’s a selection of my favourites –

Balmi – I have this in cherry and strawberry, I love the cube design, and they’re long lasting and full of goodness – vitamin E, Shea butter, jojoba oil and SPF 15.


Dr Organic – bit obsessed with the avocado and argan oil one but I can’t find it anywhere. The others are good too, quite like the coconut oil one too.


Nivea – repair and protect is my favourite one, loaded with SPF and nourishes deep, perfect for sealing up cracks from the cold.

Korres – this is a new lip butter in my arsenal, made with natural ingredients, free of nasty chemicals, it has kept my lips soft all day.


Burt’s Bees – the Coconut and Pear has been my go to this summer, hydrating and smells good too.

A product I have mad love for is Anatomicals Stop Cracking Up. This used to be available in Boots but now seems to be online only, I get mine from Amazon. This is magic stuff. My lower lip is prone to splitting in cold weather, leaving a painful crack in the skin, this gummy lip balm seals up the split and helps it heal up really fast – a must for winter’s bitter weather. I use it in conjunction with various other balms, keeping my lips soft and happy.



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