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September Happy Mail – Paris

Although this arrived as October started, September’s Happy Mail is all about one of my favourite places – Paris.

I am definitely a Francophile, a love spawned from childhood holidays in the sunny south, tales of my French ancestors (my great-great-grandmother was called Salome) and the food. I am also quite fond of French literature and of course, the capital.

From the Eiffel Tower to the Sacre Coeur, the patisseries and the madeleines (of which I, a Madeleine, am particularly fond), the metro and the tiny alleyways everywhere.

Katie of ihearthomes has assembled another great little box of goodies referencing the City of Lights.


There’s a notebook for all your Parisian dreaming, with a cute pencil to get them all down.


Stickers for the postcards ‘wish you were here’ that you’ll send, and gift tags for those all important holiday presents.


Eiffel’s tower is well represented, in a cute necklace and also a 3D model you assemble yourself, perfect for your office desk to keep you reminded of your trip!


There’s also a hanging heart, an iron on Bambi patch a lollipop (heart-shaped), a cute poster and a little sign that says ‘Salle de Bain’ (bathroom) to decorate yourself and your home. Except the lollipop, I recommend you eat that, not hang it up!


To subscribe to October’s box or buy other goodies, visit ihearthomes website or Facebook for photos.


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