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Why I’m taking a Facebook break

Let’s be honest, the world is full of heartbreakingly sad things, and people arguing about them.

My anxiety levels are through the roof in general at the moment and all the carrying on online is only making it worse. So I removed the app from my home screen, I didn’t delete it because I genuinely don’t know my password and should I ever go back, I’d like to be able to get into my account.

I haven’t used Twitter much recently, and having deleted dozens of random accounts I was following, I’m going to try to use it more, bite sized info that I can handle. I’m also on Instagram. Imaginatively my handle on both is ramblingmads, so do come say hi.

Facebook was overwhelming, too many voices screaming for attention. If I do decide I want back in, I think scaling back groups and “friends” will be a must. I’m starting to think my friend Jack, who does not use any social media, may have a point.

If you need me I’ll be reading a book and painting my nails.



1 thought on “Why I’m taking a Facebook break”

  1. Oh, how I would love to take a facebook break! I know I have scaled way back. I keep most of my opinions to myself, and end up posting fluff. Real thoughts seem to longer be allowed, without it turning into a debate, that was never asked for. Due to owning three businesses, I can’t walk away completely, but I can however choose what I read and also what I let the world see.


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