Short answer – yes.

Longer answer – still yes. They’re not mutually exclusive.

I’m a feminist, more than that I’m an intersectional feminist who doesn’t hate men, has never burned a bra (those things cost) and loves beauty products and wearing make up.

Feminist and beauty blogger, you bet'cha

If you’re not, then that’s cool. If you think the beauty industry subjucates women, is fatphobic, racist etc, then that’s fine. I see your point, I even agree with some of that, but I don’t see the harm in wanting to make up my face, in enjoying skincare and perfume and washing my hair.

Beauty faves

I read feminist media like Bitch and Bust magazines, The Riveter, and others, but I also haunt the make up aisles of Superdrug and read beauty blogs, follow Caroline Hirons and Sali Hughes (beauty writers, who also happen to be awesome women) and listen to music that isn’t mainstream.

Feminist stickers and magazines

And that’s cool. There’s room for all sorts in the world. There really is. Just not if you’re an asshole – please take your negative, bigotted views elsewhere. There’s a world that needs changing out there, and I am so looking forward to it.

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