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The Box That Missed Christmas

My Little Beauty’s My Little Magic Box has been off on its adventures. The December party season themed box has only just made it into my hands.


I’m rather glad it turned up and to be honest I was so busy over Christmas I barely noticed. Hope you a great time box.


Inside the box, the boat has been well and truly pushed out for the festive season.

My Little World – the in-box magazine is magazine format once more, thank goodness, and I hope it stays that way.

On to the goodies.

The very chic make up bag inside the box, not the usual cloth drawstring, but one you might pop in an overnight bag.

Heat retaining mittens – the funny thing is I was walking to the bus stop in minus 2 the other day and I wished I had some gloves. How funny that these then arrive! I love the navy blue and gold, a theme throughout the box, and they’re really cosy. As someone who’s always tapping away on her phone, mittens are more use the full gloves and as we’re having a bit of a cold snap, these will see a lot of use.

The other mitten has bonded with my hand

Kusmi Tea – Anastasia blend. Made in France, these teas definitely have a Russian bent, this one is named after the famous Romanov princess, and is a blend of China and Ceylon teas.


Rituals Honey Touch Body Cream – rich and nourishing, with honey and rose.

Vice-Versa nail polishes – continuing the blue and gold colour scheme.

Nars blush in Orgasm – naughty Nars with your cheeky names.


It would have been nice to have had this box in December but it will all come in use in this bitter January. I’m actually wearing the mittens as I type this!



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