Adventures in Customer Service

Here’s two stories about two very different ways to respond to a customer. I should preface this by saying I have worked in several customer service roles and I know that while the customer is not always right, they do deserve a decent response.

Story one.

I bought a necklace from Punky Pins in their Boxing Day sale. It arrived, I failed to even take it out of the packaging for a while. When I did I discovered it was damaged.
So I dropped the team an email, and asked where to send it for a replacement. A response appeared the next morning. They were so sorry that had happened, could I send them a quick photo so they could see the damage and know whether or not to strengthen the chain before posting me a replacement.
That took all of ten seconds, they confirmed my address and promised to send out a new one asap.

Story 2.

I received an email from Glossybox that there was a problem with my account but not to worry, my box would be sent out once I’d checked my details. Which I did, a confirmation of updated details appeared, money went out, I sat back to wait for my box.

A week later, another email. I wasn’t going to be receiving a box. No reason given. So I sent them a message through their contact page. I heard nothing. Then my subscription was cancelled, something I only found out after logging into the site. I renewed it, they took a second payment.

I popped on Twitter and asked why I hadn’t received anything. They were busy. So am I, but I don’t use that as an excuse not to reply to emails in my job.

Eventually they said they’d never received my message and that I should give them a ring. I did, no answer and as I was at work, no time to keep trying.

So I sent them another message. And got a reply! Only it was a very rude one, they’d sold out of the boxes for January and would be sending me a ‘starter box’ despite my having been a subscriber for some time. If I wanted to return it, I could, at my own expense.

I complained via Twitter because I was so fed up. If I sent an email to a customer in any job like that, I would have been in serious shit.

I got another email, I could return the box (which I haven’t even received) and send my postage receipt and they’d pay that. But I am still two payments down, with no boxes.

Then they had the cheek to send a ‘how did we do’ email. Nothing has been resolved. I have sent an email laying out the whole saga. It probably won’t get read, easiest thing to do is claim they never received it.

To be continued.

How about you? Ever had to deal with companies like this? What’s your take on the importance of customer service? Let me know below.


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