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Sweet treats with Scoff Club

If you’re anything like me you still have a childlike love for sweets, so when Scoff Club got in touch and asked if I would like to try their relaunched sweet box, I said yes please!


The box is packed with both old-fashioned pick ‘n’ mix and modern favourites.


I asked my in-house tester (my Mr) to join me in investigating the contents.


From the old school sweet shop range, there’s jelly babies, watermelon rockets, tutti frutti fizzy cubes, clotted cream toffee bon bons and chocolate honeycomb, with modern choices – Reese’s Pieces and gobstopper bubblegum.

According to my tester, it looks very pleasing and packed. However he found the juxtaposition of hand packed sweets with prepackaged a bit jarring.

Onto the tasting. The comments – “yum, mmm, tasty, more please”. Unfortunately my tester is not so articulate with a mouth full of sweets.

The portions are very generous, and you get a nice variety, I don’t know if I’d want this to arrive too often, my dentist would be horrified!


*The sweets were sent as a PR sample but all opinions are my own.*

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