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The Bookish Box – Special Edition Outlander box

Earlier this year I read the first Outlander book and became hooked, devouring all the currently available books in the series.


While I haven’t quite got round to watching the TV series on Amazon Prime, I can tell you that I will definitely be reading the next book the moment it becomes available.

When The Bookish Box announced a one-off special edition no subscription required Outlander theme box, I had to jump right in.

All of the items in this box are themed around Outlander, which is set partly in 18th Century Scotland, so there’s a strong Scottish feel to the box, from the use of Gaelic words like ‘Sassenach’ meaning ‘Southerner’ but usually used to indicate someone English, to the thistle, Scotland’s national flower.

This all appeals to me as my family’s roots on my mum’s side extend into Scotland, we even have clan tartan.

Let’s dive in and have a proper look at the box.

I love the watercolour inspired finish on the box itself, with tartan print on the side.


As always with the Bookish Box there’s an Appraising Pages printed T-shirt, this one in a royal blue and gold, quoting the series’ hero Jamie when he tells his beloved Claire this.


The Sassenach bookmark from artist Lexy Olivia made me smile, technically I’m a Sassenach, but in the context of the book it’s Jamie’s nickname for Claire.


Next up there’s a mug from Coffee Reading Writing, printed with the Scottish thistle and a quote from one of the books.


The scent of the Highlands is encapsulated in Novelly Yours’ candle with heather, herbs and firewood evoking the land Jamie loves.


Finally, and I almost missed this hidden in the box, is a simple silver thistle necklace from Eliza Jane K Jewellery, which I will wear with pride, promoting my heritage.


The box has clearly been compiled with love and definitely connects with the Outlander series. I am really pleased I got my hands on this box as they were limited, but the regular monthly box can be subscribed anytime.


Are you a fan of Outlander (the books or the show)? Let me know in the comments.

1 thought on “The Bookish Box – Special Edition Outlander box”

  1. I’m a huge Outlander fan and would love one of the Outlander boxes. I first read the books 20 years ago and have reread them several times and am thrilled with the series on Starz.


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