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Box cancelling – You Beauty

Yes this box is a bargain at £6.95, yes it’s nice to have some say over the contents, but honestly after a seriously of increasingly ‘meh’ months, I’m done with You Beauty’s box.

From June’s frankly underwhelming shortlist I picked a lip balm and some shampoo. Shampoo, like I can’t just go out and get some on the high street and another lip balm for my collection/addiction.


The bonus items were pretty pathetic again, the world’s smallest sachet of suncream, which I almost missed, thinking it was just advertising, and another sample of bath oil, which we had only a few months ago. I don’t have a bath in my flat and a quick straw poll of friends reveals that a lot of them don’t either, so it’s a wasted product.


Time to cancel this particular subscription in the hope that other boxes deserve my hard earned money just a wee bit more. 

A sachet of suncream that might just cover my nose!?!

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