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My Little Box – Summer Vibes

The MLB gang are getting all set for summer with June’s box, featuring a lovely beach vista on the box and a host of summery themed items.


First up is a Kusmi iced tea powder sachet – I love iced tea so will be whipping up a jug of this (and taking advantage of the discount voucher) asap.


There’s a bikini pouch to keep your wet cossie in so your bag (and book) stay dry.

A cute tank top with the title of a great 80s classic across it.



But what I’m interested in most is what beauty treats MLB has in store for subscribers this month.

Too Faced Glitter Glue – designed to keep your glitter on your eyelids, not everywhere else, this primer holds your summer shimmer steady.

Ciate mini polish in the glossip – this coral orange shade is very similar to my usual summer go-to so may just join the ranks of my polish army.


From their own My Little Beauty range comes Beach Hair – a sea salt spray designed to give you beachy waves and surfer chic hair – my hair hates salt water (and chlorine) protesting by going a funny colour so my sister will be getting this to use, her hair is much less stroppy (weird when she’s the angsty one).

The box this month was: ok I guess. I’m not blown away by any of it really, the tank top is way too small for my boobs to fit in and the bikini bag will probably get forgotten all about before my next holiday, but the polish and iced tea will definitely get used at some point.


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