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The ‘adult tag’ 

​Thought this might be a bit of fun as I lay here dying of serious cramps. Join in! 

1 – How old are you and where do you live?

29, almost 30, North London on the border of Hertfordshire

2 – Where did you expect to be by this age?

I think I expected to be a bit further along in the old career, own house, maybe married. Life is a lot more complicated than you imagine. 

3 – Are you on track to where you want to be now?

Yes and no. My career took a back seat to health issues and that set me back. But I’ll get there. 

4 – What piece of advice do you wish people told you when you were young?

Life is what you make it, take more risks. 

5 – What advice would you give to younger people now?

Take every opportunity that comes your way, don’t be afraid to jump in with both feet. You never know how it’ll turn out. 

6 – Do you still suffer from FOMO?

I don’t know if I ever have – my decisions are my own and if I’ve ‘missed out’ maybe it’s for a good reason. 

7 – What is your opinion on living at home vs moving out in your 20’s?

Having done both in my 20’s, I can see that living at home can have it’s advantages in letting you save some money, but having your own place does allow you more freedoms at time but definitely costs more! 

8 – Have you had any sudden realisations about life/relationships/friendships since hitting your 20’s?

Life’s too short to be an arsehole. Grudges and fallings out are for school kids, move on. It’s not worth trying to force a friendship – it either is or it isn’t. 

10 – Do you feel like an adult?

Sometimes. I pay a bill I don’t want to pay (like council tax) and feel like an adult because I’m doing the adult thing, but sat on the sofa in my pjs eating dark chocolate digestives (the best kind, I’ll fight you) watching TV on a Saturday morning, feel like I’m still a kid. 

Well there you go, my adulting knowledge in a nutshell. Feel free to copy and play along. 

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