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Moi-Meme – 

Moi-Meme is a new quarterly subscription box that costs a little bit more than some others (£45) but is filled with beautiful, hand selected, personalised items for you and your home. It’s perfect if you like a bit of luxury and feels like a gift to yourself. 

My first box arrived on Saturday morning and was a lot bigger than I expected. As it’s an entirely new box, there weren’t any spoilers or previous boxes reviewed online so I had no real idea what to expect. 

More luxurious boxes seem to be becoming quite popular, from Look Incredible’s Deluxe box to the pretty much permanently sold out Cohorted box or the rather too expensive for me Cult Beauty Box, the make up world has plenty but I don’t think there are that many luxury boxes with more of a lifestyle bent, which is where Moi-Meme seems to have spotted a gap in the market. 

You can give the boxes as gift subscriptions and you’ll need to fill out their questionnaire when you subscribe so they can get things personalised. But interestingly, for some of the items, you can exchange them for a different size or colour.

This is a new idea and one I think is quite useful. Sometimes the box companies get it wrong, and a lot of the complaints about other subscription boxes seem to revolve around the fact that often the items seem to be completely off the wall when it comes to the profile you filled out. 

So, what did I get in my first Moi-Meme box you ask? Well, let’s dive in. 

Firstly the box itself is personalised, with a sticker, so I know this box is mine. I like this little touch. 

The box is themed too, this is The Adventure Box and just rather lovely. 

From designer Lisa Angel there is a gorgeous scarf (3 designs available) I have the very pretty peacock feather design. I love scarves as accessories and add them to outfits and bags all the time so this will certainly be making its debut soon. 

There is also a really pretty bracelet of silver beads on a delicate blue cord. It looks rather chic on my wrist and will go nicely with most summer (and other seasonal) outfits. 

I don’t know how they knew at Moi-Meme but I love notebooks, I have hundreds and I’m always picking them up. Most get used, some get lost, but this one is mine. 

My passport is not as well used as I’d like, mostly because it’s pretty new and you don’t get stamps for travelling in Europe (yet). But this Laurige France passport holder is very smart and soft. I think my burgundy British passport will look rather swish tucked into this. Now to plan a holiday! 

Now, frequent fliers will know I love beauty treats, and these Evolve Organic Beauty tubs of body polish and butter are right up my street. 

The polish is a sugar based scrub with no soap but lots of skin friendly natural oils to remove dead skin and leave you all fresh. Then you apply its friend, the shea butter based moisturiser. Again full of skin loving natural ingredients, it smells delicious and goes on like a dream. 

All in all, I love this box. It’s gorgeous. 

I am also impressed with their customer service offers – if you want to exchange certain items (scarf, bracelet, passport holder) for different designs/sizes you can. Or you can pop onto their online shop and buy more goodies for you or as gifts. The booklet has all the details. 

Did you subscribe to Moi-Meme or are you tempted? Let me know your thoughts in the comments. 

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