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Book Review: Unbecoming-Jenny Downham 

Katie, the heroine of Jenny Downham’s book is 17 and fed up. Her whole life seems to be falling apart, her parents have split up, her brother has learning disabilities, her mum is taking over her life and now her gran, a woman she doesn’t know, has arrived in her life and needs her help. 
I seem to be reading a lot of family sagas recently and this is one of the better ones. Flicking between Katie’s present and her grandmother Mary’s past, family secrets are coming to life and changing things – perhaps for the better. 

I really liked the writing, the plot’s involving but doesn’t bash you over the head with cleverness or shout “look at me, I’m a plot twist!” like some things I’ve read recently, nor is it overly predictable. 

Katie’s personal story does at times feel a little unnecessary and awkward, I’m also a bit puzzled at times as to when the ‘modern’ part is set as some very old-fashioned opinions seem quite present, or maybe that’s just me. 

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