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My Little Brooklyn Box

My Little Box has gone to the Big Apple – a city closely linked to France, who gifted the Statue of Liberty to the Americans. 

Brooklyn, a borough of New York famous for its hipsters and baristas has inspired this month’s box, as has coffee, and I hate coffee. 

However, I quite like this box. 

Inside are a whole host of goodies. 

The sticker has gone into my phone case as it makes me smile and will remind me to relax and not go to panic stations all the time. 

Firstly the beauty treats; 

Terrybly Crayon Kohl By Terry – this a gold eyeliner/eyeshadow crayon. I already love it. 

Tigi Catwalk Fashionista Violet Mask – specially formulated for blondes (there’s a brunette version too) this fullsize hair mask smells ok and is supposed to boost hair. Which is perfect as mine needs a lift. 

My Little Beauty Save My Nails Strengthening Treatment- stop reading my mind MLB. My brittle nails need some TLC so this is great. 

Also in the box are three lifestyle treats too. 

Enamel “Coffee Made Me Do It” mug – quite cute but I don’t drink coffee so it didn’t make me do anything! This cup is the perfect size for soaking my beauty sponges in however, especially as I just sorted and downsized our mug collection. 

Latte stencil – or in my case hot chocolate stencil. 

Pins – there is a doughnut pin and a matching pair of lapel pins – which I thought were earrings! Adding these to my pin collection right now. 

There’s an art print with a cute design by illustrator Kanako and a copy of My Little World magazine, which I will enjoy flicking through on my commute.

 The little cloth bags are really durable and can be used in all sorts of ways and as Christmas is slowly creeping one way is as gift bags for all sorts of treats. How do you use yours? Let me know in the comments below. 

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