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Review: Bloomtown Botanicals Sampler Set

Bloomtown Botanicals is a small firm making beauty products from natural ingredients, 100% palm oil and cruelty free. 

I picked up the sampler set as a little treat, but totally forgot to pick my fragrances at the checkout so the team at Bloomtown did it for me! 

The sampler set has four products from across the Bloomtown range to give you a good feel for the things they produce. 

The box smells amazing. 

The Woods Sweet Almond & Shea Sugar Scrub

This scrub smells delicious – but do not eat it! A mix of soothing, skin loving ingredients that didn’t only leave my legs smooth but also feeling soft. 

The Hedgerow Pink Himalayan Salt Soak 

I don’t have a bath tub unfortunately but I do enjoy a good foot soak of an evening in my DIY foot spa (it’s a bowl) and this made my feet soft and smell delicious, like blackberries and honey (it contains huneysuckle). You only need a little. 

The Grove Shea & Coconut Soap Bar

I don’t normally get on with soap as lanolin makes my hands dry and scratchy. But this little beauty contains Shea butter and not lanolin. So it left my hands clean and happy. 

The Meadow Infused Oil

With lavender, rose geranium and chamomile this roll on is relaxing and light. I’m using it on pulse points before bed to help calm me and help me sleep. 

Now I have a little treat for you all. How do you fancy getting 20% off across Bloomtown’s products? Well here you go! Enter the code RAMBLING20 at checkout and tah-dah!

This is an affiliate program and I will get a tiny something if you use the code while making a purchase. 

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