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SnapIt review and giveaway*

Calling all glasses wearers! Have you ever snapped off the wing of your specs and had to rush to the opticians for a quick repair having lost the little tiny screw that holds the whole thing together?

Well I’ve recently received something that might be the answer, if you’re feeling pretty confident about your technical skills.

SnapIt is a clever little kit designed to help you put your glasses back together without the hassle of rushing to the opticians and hoping there’s somewhere available to sort it for you.

Consisting of several different sized glasses screws and a tool to help you screw it in place, SnapIt seems to be the answer. The name comes from the snapping off of the extra bit of the screw underneath the join.

I took it round to my parents’ to get some other opinions. My dad is an engineer and wears glasses all the time now, he was quite impressed by SnapIt and felt that he could confidently use it, he also noted that the screws were self threading, meaning they will bore the hole a little bigger if need be (no need for a tiny drill!). My mum, who wears glasses for reading and driving, was less confident, she would probably ask my dad to fix them or go to the opticians.

Personally I think it’s a great idea, but I would ask C to fix them as he builds miniature models and would be more confident with such tiny pieces. I also wouldn’t be able to see well enough without my glasses on to fix it. Unless I remember where I put my spare pair (somewhere so safe even I don’t know where they are).

SnapIt are available on social media too, handy if you have any questions, check out Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Theres even a handy how to video.

So, how would you feel about winning your very own SnapIt glasses repair tool and screws? I think it’s something worth having in the kitchen drawer just in case, for something we need every day, your specs can be super fragile!

If you fancy your own SnapIt, then click this link and enter the giveaway. Full T&Cs are on the giveaway site. Otherwise SnapIt is currently available through Amazon priced £2.99 (bargain!)

*I received this item for review but all words and opinions remain my own.

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