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Blog Tour: Mortmain Hall – Martin Edwards*

Who can we turn to, if justice betrays us?

1930. A chilling encounter on London’s Necropolis Railway leads to murder. At the Old Bailey, a man accused of a “blazing car” killing escapes the gallows after a surprise witness give sensational evidence. And journalist Jacob Flint finds himself framed for murder.

To save himself, Jacob needs to discover what links these strange events to a remote estate on a northern coast, Mortmain Hall. There, an eccentric female criminologist hosts a gathering of people who have narrowly escaped the consequences of miscarriages of justice. But the house party culminates in tragedy when a body is found beneath the crumbling cliffs. Is the death an accident, or the result of an ingenious plot to get away with murder?

Rachel Savernake, who’s been invited to the party, proposes an intricate—and dangerous—solution to the assembled guests, having done her own sleuthing into the labyrinthine secrets of Mortmain Hall. Will her relentless quest for the truth bring down the British establishment?

My thoughts:

This was a clever novel in the style of Golden Age writers like Agatha Christie and Margaret Allingham, where murder is someone’s solution to a whole host of problems.

Rachel Savernake is a smart, tough young woman, despite a sheltered upbringing she’s very savvy and adept at spotting the truth, a young Miss Marple, if you like.

Her household staff are her willing sidekicks and happy to bounce ideas and theories around with her, journalist Jacob Flint, slightly bumbling but not far behind her.

This was a very enjoyable read, clever and a bit twisted, much like my favourite crime novels from the Golden Age (I love a classic crime novel), the period setting adding authenticity and the denouement taking place in a Gothic pile literally on the edge of a cliff is very pleasing.

*I was kindly gifted a copy of this book in exchange for taking part in this blog tour but all opinions remain my own.

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