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Blog Tour: Double Deceit – Julienne Brouwers*

When Jennifer’s husband, a hotshot lawyer from Amsterdam, is found dead at a holiday park during a weekend getaway, the young mother’s world is turned on its head. Convinced that the police have failed in their investigation, she embarks on a desperate quest for the truth. The deeper she digs, the more she gets sucked into a tangled web of lies, spun by a ruthless law firm and instigated by greed.
As her search for answers intensifies, her grip on reality weakens. Barely able to manage her patients at the health clinic, or take care of her young son, Jennifer is at risk of losing it all – even her closest friends begin to desert her. A chance encounter with a charming stranger sparks a new chain of events that plunges her deeper into a world of threats and corruption, and she begins to fear for her life.

Who can she trust, and how far will she go in pursuit of the truth?

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About Julienne Brouwers

Julienne Brouwers worked as a pharmaceutical scientist and medical physicist before becoming a writer. She lives in the Netherlands, with her husband and three children, where she has published two successful thrillers, and lived in the UK and US for a total of four years.

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My thoughts:

This was really intriguing, after the death of her husband in slightly suspicious circumstances, determined doctor Jennifer launches her own investigation into her husband, but what she finds is a huge scandal at the law firm where he worked, that he was planning to blow the whistle on.

Suspecting this may have something to do with his death, she keeps digging, despite her heavy workload and young son, despite the struggle to access key information, she just keeps going, determined to get some answers.

Jennifer is a fascinating character, strong and gutsy in many ways, but also struggling to reconcile her new reality with what she thought she knew about her husband and their life together. She starts to neglect things once important to her and frightens her closest friends with her obsessive need to dig into her husband’s secrets. Even when things become dangerous, she keeps pushing, putting everything at risk, when she could walk away as she doesn’t work for the firm and has little proof of wrongdoing, just lots of theories.

I liked the details of her life in Amsterdam, although I don’t think I could cycle anywhere in heels as Jennifer seems to do, I wobble along on my bike as it is (out of practice), but it seems to be second nature to the Dutch. I also enjoyed her relationships with the people you’d least expect her to get along with, that slightly antagonistic, viciousness was fascinating, manipulating someone with something they seem to regret.

All in all, a very enjoyable, twisty turny, clever, knotty thriller that kept me guessing till the last page.

*I was kindly gifted a copy of this book in exchange for taking part in the blog tour but all opinions remain my own.

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