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I went to my first Fit Club session last night, led by my friend Kayleigh and now I ache all over.

I am not remotely fit, but it’s time to remedy that, having spent the last few months changing my eating habits, I’ve decided my sloth-like habits need to as well.

Wednesday nights are Fit Club, and hopefully Thursday afternoon will be yoga, I’ve sent an email to a local yogi so fingers crossed there’s space in her class.

Bits of my body ache that I don’t really get why, and since I walk everywhere, really shouldn’t.

What’s your fitness routine? Are you a gym bunny or a sloth like me? 🙂 Let me know your favourite exercises/work outs in the comments.


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Herbalife Skin – results kit (sample size)

I’ve been doing the Herbalife weightloss/get healthy program since January, I lost half a stone in a month so far and am really enjoying learning about better ways to eat and coming up with healthy recipes that still taste delicious.

So I asked my lovely friend & nutrition coach Kayleigh about their range of skincare goodies. Her skin looks amazing and she regularly posts #MintMaskMondays selfies on Instagram and Facebook.

I decided to start with the sample size Results Kit.


It comes in a little pot (above) and contains five products in the range. Though sadly no mint mask for me.

Soothing Aloe Cleanser – aloe is a substance Herbalife are very keen on, and it is very good for you, inside and out.
Daily Glow Moisturiser – for all skin types.
Firming Eye Gel – for all skin types
Hydrating Eye Cream – for all skin types
Replenishing Night Cream – for all skin types

I don’t currently use eye creams, mostly because when I have done so my skin has become itchy and irritated. Hopefully this won’t do the same.

I’m going to give these a go and if my skin seems happier with them, invest in some full size products.