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#Boxcitement: Free Spirit 

(Let’s pretend it’s still September for 5 mins) 
Boxcitement’s Free Spirit box is a delight. Full of bright colours and fun shapes. 

Inside the box was all these goodies. 

A wall mountable mini mirror – yay! I really like this, unpacking it made me smile. 

This cute charm bangle – it makes a nice jingle when I walk. 

Raindrop planner clips, these are the cutest things, which I will use to keep various post-its together. 

Personal picnic kit – recyclable cutlery and a cute napkin. 

Art print that is also a planner calendar. 

Memory notepads – to jot those ideas down! 
Teeny backpack pouch and feather keyring. 

Overall I really like this box – especially the mirror and bracelet, less so the single use (but thankfully recyclable) picnic kit. The stationery items are right up my street – paperclips and notepads yes please! 

adventures in post, boxcitement, fun stuff, lifestyle boxes, reviews, stationery

Boxcitement August – Fantasy Island 

I treated myself to a little bit of fun this month with this box from Boxcitement. 

Inside the Fantasy Island themed box are a collection of items to celebrate dreams, fantasies and wishes. 

🦄 unicorn trinket dish

🦄 flamingo pendant 

🦄 eye mask 

🦄 greetings card

🦄 planner pad 

🦄 doughnut pen

🦄 mermaid wrapping paper

🦄 ‘mergoat’ pin 

This box is fun, whimsical and brightly coloured. I really enjoyed opening it all up and seeing all the bits inside. 

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Fun Stuff in this week’s post 

Crafty Creatives #paperhaul this is a great box for stationery nerds like me. Every month you get a themed box of notecards, stickers or washi tape, notepaper, a notebook and postcards or wrapping paper. 

I ❤Homes #happymail box is a monthly box full of lovely little bits and bobs. There’s a theme and always a selection of things for you, your home and gifts. 

Prudence and the Crow send out a vintage paperback and other book related goodies including library cards, stationery, tea, sweets and stickers in pretty printed envelopes. 

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Boxcitement ‘Under the Sea’ 

Because it’s summer all the lifestyle/stationery boxes seem to be off to the beach. 

Boxcitement has gone a little further and is exploring what’s beneath the waves. 

🐋fluro coral pendant 

🐳anchor notebook with pen

🐬photographic print in mount 

🐟note cards and envelopes 

🐠Dead Sea salt pamper kit

🐡nautical badges 

🐙mylar stencil to decorate with 

🐚starfish confetti 


the box’s contents are rather lovely and I can definitely see them getting some use. Here’s some close ups. 

I’ve already put the shell print up on the wall and the notebook has slipped into my bag for notes on the go. The badges will go on one of my bags, perhaps the beach bag that never gets a day out. 

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#paperhaul from Crafty Creatives & Giveaway 

As a stationery nerd this is one of my fave letterbox subscription boxes.

Each month’s is decorated by a different illustrator, allowing you to support artists and charity as 20p from each box goes to Post Pals,  which sends letters to children in hospital. 

This month’s box contains quirky illustrations from Louise at Gaze of Dolls Designs based on Alice in Wonderland, and this month I have a box to giveaway too (see the bottom of the post).

There’s some fab stickers 

This card is brilliant 

Postcards I can’t wait to send

These little cards and notepad are my favourite and there’s washi tape for wrapping presents too. 

If you like the designs and want a box for yourself you can subscribe here

And you can win your own box of Louise’s fabulous designs right here.

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Happy Flair

Happy Flair is a new subscription box from the team behind Punky Pins – a box full of accessories and stationery curated around a theme. Last month’s was Alice in Wonderland and this month’s is cult favourite Clueless, celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. 

I had to explain what Clueless is to the Mr, who has never seen it. Hopefully I don’t have to do that here. If you haven’t seen it – it’s on Netflix. 

Each box is designed to fit through the letterbox and packed full of brightly coloured flair. Brooches, badges, a necklace, postcards and more. Here’s some snaps. 

Cher’s unique style of plaid suits features too – the clothes in the film were pretty fantastic. 

These boxes are great fun and would make fab gifts for someone else or yourself. 

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Another fun subscription box on the market at the moment is Boxcitement, a themed monthly box full of goodies. 

Inside July’s Wanderlust box there are travel goodies and pretty little treats. 

Tin of travel mints, a mirror keyring, scented soap bar, wooden luggage tag, cloud brooch, earrings, Aloha card. 

World map wrapping paper, travel liquids bag. 

Travel journal, Paris card. 

Everything is beautifully put together and decorated, the earrings are very pretty too. It really makes me wish I was whizzing off on holiday, but a girl can dream, and plan for next summer! 

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#paperhaul May – weather

This month’s #paperhaul box of beautiful stationery comes illustrated by Canadian Chad Geran.

As always a percentage from each box goes to the charity Postpals, sending letters and cards to sick children .

As suits May’s (mostly) sunny days the contents are themed around Spring and weather.

There are sweet note cards, stickers, washi tape and a notebook. Perfect for brightening up someone’s day.





#StationeryWeek Nerd Out!

I love pens, pencils, notebooks, post-its, those little flakes of rubber, the perfect curl of a pencil sharpening, the crisp snap of a staple going in, the building of paper clip chains and the joy of stabbing a corkboard with a drawing pin.

Via Paperchase

It’s National Stationery Week and if you need me I’ll be in the post-it aisle (a whole aisle!) of Staples or possibly getting chucked out of Paperchase for stroking the notebooks.

Via The Pool
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#PaperHaul March

I’m a stationery nerd, I love pens, notecards, notebooks, washi tape, stickers, post-it notes, the whole lot.

This is where Paper Haul comes in. A subscription box for stationery junkies.

Each month features a different illustrator – this month it’s Jodie Goolding, whose cute animals adorn the contents of the box.


Note cards & envelopes
Be Positive
Love Hope
Love Who You Are plus Bears!
A little something for someone else

Any other stationery lovers out there? Want to wander round the pen aisle with me. 📏📐📎📌📍✂✏✒📝✉📑📓📔 – all the emojis!