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I aren’t dead*

*as Granny Weatherwax would say. 

I am sorry it’s been a wee bit quiet here in my corner of the ‘net. I’m stuck at home looking like a puffy death-beast with flu. I have black eyes from the infection in my head and chest, cant wear make up as my temperature keeps making me sweat it off, oh and to top it off my rosacea and eczema have flared up and I’ve got a lovely acne breakout going on. 

I have products I want to test and review for you, but currently eating cereal, reading Agatha Christie and smothering my skin in various stinky medicated lotions is pretty much all I’m good for. 

So, I’m asking you lovely people to help me boost my mood and hopefully my immune system by sending me cute things on Twitter, tagging me in pictures of your pets on Instagram (@ramblingmads) and telling me what awesome stuff you’re up to in the comments please.  

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Life update – still here!

It’s been a bit quiet round here, I’ve been a wee bit busy.

I started a new job last week, which so far, so good. But it’s meant I’ve been a bit knackered and not had the energy to write much. Once I get my routine sorted, that will change, promise!

Working a three day week, then it’s Christmas, so that’ll hopefully give me some blogging time, before I head back to the office in the New Year.

However, I am a bit more active on Instagram and Twitter, so feel free to find me there and say hello, I’m @ramblingmads on both.

Keep an eye out for the posts I am busily drafting and polishing.

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