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A lucky streak?

I am not one of life’s winners, I don’t have natural luck.

The only thing I ever won as a kid was a blue stuffed elephant, who I imaginatively called Elephant. I still have her. Turns out it was rigged. I was three, it was my great-aunt’s birthday party and the raffle was for a local charity. My Grandad swapped out the ticket so I’d win the elephant.

At school I didn’t win things, I wasn’t that kind of kid, and they don’t give prizes for reading. I won first place in girl’s shot putt in year 10 at sports day. That was a fluke, I am not athletic. But I do have a younger sister and many years of practice in throwing stuff.

Recently I’ve been entering competitions, mostly on social media, and I’ve hit a lucky streak.

I won Saturday’s giveaway on Scribblicious which was an Anne of Green Gables mug and Dr Seuss bookmark.

Then I won Butterfly Twists competition on Instagram, two pairs of ballet pumps (I love shoes)!!

The re-grammed image

Previously I’d won London Craft Club’s giveaway – a book on hand knitting, canvas bag and other bits, and The Vagenda’s discussion group starter kit (book, postcards, badges, snacks, balloons and stickers).

Lomdon Craft Club prize

While it would be nice to win some bigger items, like the bed in this week’s Observer (the slats in ours are on their last legs – that’s what you get when you buy cheap!) or a holiday, even winning little things gives me a nice buzz of excitement, and I didn’t spend any money!

What about you? Have you ever won any competitions or giveaways? Let me know in the comments.

There will be a blog giveaway soon so stay tuned. 🙂