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Make Up Addict Tag

Another tag post borrowed from the lovely Sal Ummbaby. 😊

💋What product do you keep buying even though you have plenty in your collection? 

Nail polish, ooh shiny! 

💋What one product can’t you live without? 

Moisturiser – I have thirsty skin

💋What’s your favourite make up brand? 

Lush have lovely colourful make up, but I am fickle and love many different brands. 

💋How big is your make up collection? 

Ridiculous. It’s taking over. 

💋How do you store it? 

I have many storage boxes, labelled up for my apparent convenience. 

💋How many items of make up are in your handbag right now? 

A slightly ridiculous amount – I can do my make up on the go between work and social life. 

💋Which other blogger’s stash would you raid? 

Caroline Hirons’ skincare stash would be amazing. 

💋How long does it take you to get ready and how many products do you use?

About 15 minutes including hair and perfume. It takes a lot of products to get me ready but only a tiny amount of each. 

💋Have you ever bought a product knowing you won’t use it? 

I have bought products and not used them, but never intentionally. 

If you want to join in with this tag, do, and let me know so I can check out your answers.