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Feel The Force

On Saturday we hopped in the car and went to Peterborough for the third annual Feel The Force Day. A comic con designed for disabled people. 


There were lots of cos players, including most of the cast of Star Wars, a few Disney princesses, most of the previous incarnations of the Doctor, and several Harry Potters. There were also several cats, from my favourite musical as a kid; Cats. Meow. 

Convention Cats

My favourite was a little boy dressed as Matt Smith’s Doctor whose wheelchair had been turned into a Tardis – it was imaginative and fun. 

Chewie & Leia

There were stalls to buy collectibles from – including Funko Pops and other figures

Dancing Baby Groot

The convention centre was huge and I think I probably missed a few rooms because I kept getting lost. A sense of direction would have been useful. 

Batbear with Bat signal

I had several nice chats with people in costume and at several stalls. Everyone was friendly and warm. 

Some lost Confederate time travellers

Even though it was pouring with rain there were so many people there, and according to the Mr the longest queue for was for the disabled loo. 

K9 in the Doctor Who room

We were there to promote the Peterborough Phantoms – a sledge ice hockey team, the Mr is a team member and it’s one of the only fully integrated sports – for disabled and able bodied players of all genders. 


I also cuddled a gorgeous Alaskan Malomout assistance dog, who were so chilled out despite all the people and chatted to a man with an owl. Because animals are better than people. 


Mr Oogie Boogie gave me a hug and later a high five, he’s not so mean. 

Baymax hanging out with Tink and Swamp Thing

The Mr’s beard was very popular, mostly with men including Jack Sparrow who asked to stroke it. Beardmance is real. 

The Mr & Barf from Space Balls
The Mr & Jack – Beard friends for life
The Monsters Inc crew
Movie cars

There was some yummy food (the hot food was a big yes in the cold and wet) and musical entertainment. You could listen to a wizard reading stories, there were craft and art activities, and a few (very) minor stars signing autographs.


R5 Astromech Droid
RC-1262(delta62) Scorch – Star Wars
Creepy Doctor Who villain
The Doctor and friend
Department of Ability

One of the things that I was really excited about was the Department of Ability – a comic where the superheroes disabilities are their superpowers. Due to be published soon, Stan Lee is a big fan. 

Are you my mummy?
I collect Venetian masks but these ones are creepy
Another beard lover – U.N.I.T soldier

All in all it was a really enjoyable day and really interesting to explore. 
I may have been a little naughty with my pennies and as well as adding Dancing Groot to my growing collection (he may just be my favourite hero) I also picked up two Totoro themed cushions for the flat. I love Studio Ghibli very much. 

The many faces of Totoro and soot sprites