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Ratties – 2 became 5!

Peaches and Custard

You may remember my little ratties – Algernon and Justin. Well now they have three sisters.

Oh mum, not girls!! We're off!

We adopted three fluffy sisters, who needed to be re-homed ASAP. We’d been discussing getting some girls after having the boys neutered, rats are social creatures and need companionship.

We did rename them – Custard, Peaches and Cream (she’s camera shy) and they’ve been adjusting to each other.

Algernon is quite easy going and likes cuddling up with Peaches, while Justin seems unimpressed and would like them to stop eating ‘his’ food. Greedy chops.

Cream doesn’t like being handled and is a nervy thing, spends most of her time asleep or hiding. Peaches is more gregarious, and likes popping up to say hello. Custard is a bit bitey but I’m training her out of that. Unfortunately I’m not sure she’s completely healthy – she has a funny lump on her belly and makes an odd chuffing noise from time to time so I’ll be popping to the vet next week for a check up.

I keep trying to get a photo of them all together, but apart from Justin the poser, they all scatter when they see my phone!

If you want to see how they’re doing, I post pictures on instagram with the hash tag #fuzzyweirdos