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L’Occitane Taste of Provence box

There’s a group on Facebook called Battle of the Boxes, full of women who buy and review beauty boxes and they are a sweet, funny, generous bunch. Frequently offering make up goodies or other treats to one another.
Recently I took advance of such an offer and got myself a free box of mini L’Occitane goodies.

If you don’t know what L’Occitane is, it’s a French beauty company based in Provence that focuses on quality and natural ingredients.

I’ve never bought any of their products, due to price mostly, but love when magazines give away free handcreams from them.

However, their new eau de parfum launching in June is so nice I may have to treat myself.

Onto the box. This is a sample box, but even though everything’s mini, there’s a lot to play with.


The almond hand cream smells delicious, and is rich and creamy but not greasy on.


The foot cream, currently soaking into my toes, is also rich and smooth, smells good and hasn’t left a greasy residue on my hands.

There’s a Verbena leaf soap, which I haven’t opened, as well as Verbena shower gel and body lotion, both of which are delicately scented.


Also in this little box is a voucher for £10 off a £25 spend in store or online, which I may well take advantage of (hand cream and perfume most likely).


Finally a tiny sachet of lavender seeds, which you plant as it is, in the hope that lavender, a fairly stubborn plant to grow (I have 2 and they hate me) will bloom under London’s grey skies not Provence’s blue, sun-filled ones.