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My Little Friends Box 

This month’s My Little Box is all about hanging with your pals. 

Inside the box is a copy of the My Little World magazine and a packet of Sweet & Salty Propercorn popcorn, so that’s tomorrow’s commute sorted. 

Lifestyle items in this month’s box are pretty random – there’s a manicure kit, which seems a bit odd and unconnected to the clip-on fish eye lens – attach to your phone for a different way to see things. 

Beauty-wise, inside the cute printed bag are three treats. Caudalie Banana and Mango moisturiser, My Little Beauty Summer Lips balm with SPF 15, Batiste Hold Me Hairspray. 

Although I don’t really get how all these things fit in a ‘Friends are the best’ box, they’re quite nice. None of this is stuff you might share with a pal – maybe the hairspray and lens for selfies, but even the popcorn’s too small to share. 

Thoughts? Got something wildly different? Let me know below. 

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Friendships are the best kind of ships!

My best friend and I have been evil twins since we were 11 year olds just starting secondary school.


We took our first girlie holiday last year, it was well overdue, we went to Venice.

We are so in sync that we once bought each other the exact same thing for Christmas, and frequently get very similar things for each other for birthdays.

My addiction & a dedication to my evil twin

I am very lucky in my friends, bunch of weirdos that they are. Most of them have been my friends since we were kids, builds a hell of a connection between you.

Who's in your gang?

Most of my friends have been part of my life (and family) since we were kids. Those deep, lifelong friendships are so satisfying. Built on a history of in jokes and ‘remember the time…’ stories.

It can be hard for new friends and partners to break into the group, but those that do, can never leave!

Those friends, who’ve known you for years, those are the ones that you can lean on when things get tough, and vice versa.

So go find them!

I have been so lucky in my friends, the ones that are like family, my brother from another mother, the ones that are always at the end of the phone. The ones that even if you haven’t spoken for a while, you pick straight up the conversation like there wasn’t a gap.

Remember to tell your friends how awesome they are and how much you appreciate them.