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Moi-Meme Winter Wellness Box 

This box is so luxe- and will with things to give you a boost during the rotten cold winter months. 

I love that each box is personalised and that the team at Moi-Meme do the same with the contents. 

There are five lovely things in the box and I can’t pick a favourite. 

Lola’s Apothecary Bath & Shower Oil (RRP £34 100ml) – this oil (Delicate Romance) contains rose, sweet orange, lemon, geranium, as well as several other skin loving ingredients. You only need a teaspoon for a bath or shower, so this will last a while. Based in Devon, the products are hand blended in small batches for the best quality. This smells delicious and soon so will I.  

Potion London The Beauty Formula (RRP £25 60 tablets – 1 a day) – with 19 vitamins and minerals these skin, hair and nail supplement tablets are developed to promote clear skin, strong nails and silky hair. Stocked in Harvey Nichols exclusively (and online), it’s only been around since July last year. It would be really great to see if these help my brittle, peeling nails. 

Pia Rossini Monroe Faux Fur Snood (RRP £30, available in 7 colours) – lined with soft fleece, this ridiculously stroke-able snood is warm and cosy. There are matching accessories available online. I am wearing this in my living room – the boiler’s broken and can guarantee it’s warmth. Based in Northern Ireland, the husband and wife team cover all seasons with everything from faux fur to beachwear. 

Portico Designs A6 Monogram Notebook (RRP  £8) – this stationery brand produce gorgeous products for brands including Wedgwood, Monsoon and Roald Dahl, as well as their own designs – like these gorgeous notebooks, which come in a range of colours. A 25 year old, Bath based company, their lovely things make brilliant presents. As someone who is always scribbling things down, this arrived at a perfect time.  

Coco Chocolatier Organic Chocolate Bar (RRP  £4.50 for 80g) – Caramel, Hazelnut and Isle of Skye sea salt milk chocolate – an artisan chocolate bar from Edinburgh with really lovely packaging, combining some of my favourite things – sorry I don’t share! 

Are you a subscriber? Do you love these boxes too? 

You know where I am, wearing my snood and eating chocolate.  


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Moi-Meme – Hygge box

The Danish concept of ‘hygge‘ is everywhere this winter, pronounced ‘hoo-gah’ it’s a sort of cosiness that’s pretty hard to describe but it’s meant to be the reason Danes are so happy. 

Moi-Meme is one of the pricier subscription boxes out there and only arrives every few months. The last one was a summer adventure box and this one is all about cosy comfort. 

The box smells delicious because of some of the treats inside. 

I get very cold feet in the winter – poor circulation is a pest, so these snuggly bed socks are perfect – although I can’t wear socks in bed, but hey they’ll be great inside boots or slippers. With a little dash of cashmere they’re so soft. 

From the same people as the socks is a little lavender bag, which can be popped under your pillow or tucked in a drawer to keep things fresh. Mine is heading for my knicker drawer – so I get a whiff when I open it in the morning. 

Two skincare products from Danish brand Nuori next – one of which is fullsize (thank you luxury box gods). 

First up the Vital Foaming Cleanser – made with Pomegranate enzyme and radish root extract this gentle cleanser stripy dirt and make up but leaves skin’s natural oils so it’s not drying. Perfect as I am literally scraping cleanser out of the bottle. 

Vital Eye Cream is lightweight and full of skin loving ingredients including shea butter, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. 

I like that Moi-Meme always includes an accessory of some sort. This time it’s a bracelet from Swedish brand Edblad. I got the yellow gold one, which isn’t really my style so I might take advantage of the Moi-Meme swap service and exchange it for either the rose gold or stainless steel. 

Finally there’s the candle for that all important hygge atmosphere. This one is from The Bath Candle Company and is available in a range of scents. Mine is Dark Pomegranate and despite normally preferring lighter scents, this is delicious. 

As always the box items will soon be available in the Moi-Meme shop along with others from the brands included. Subscribers get a discount on all items, which is great if you want to top up your box items or buy gifts. I’ll definitely be taking advantage of this as I have seen some gorgeous things in their shop that are perfect as Christmas gifts. 
As with the first box I love this, it feels really thoughtfully curated based on the questionnaire I filled in when signing up. The box might be a pricier one than many but the items cost massively outweighs it. 

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Moi-Meme – 

Moi-Meme is a new quarterly subscription box that costs a little bit more than some others (£45) but is filled with beautiful, hand selected, personalised items for you and your home. It’s perfect if you like a bit of luxury and feels like a gift to yourself. 

My first box arrived on Saturday morning and was a lot bigger than I expected. As it’s an entirely new box, there weren’t any spoilers or previous boxes reviewed online so I had no real idea what to expect. 

More luxurious boxes seem to be becoming quite popular, from Look Incredible’s Deluxe box to the pretty much permanently sold out Cohorted box or the rather too expensive for me Cult Beauty Box, the make up world has plenty but I don’t think there are that many luxury boxes with more of a lifestyle bent, which is where Moi-Meme seems to have spotted a gap in the market. 

You can give the boxes as gift subscriptions and you’ll need to fill out their questionnaire when you subscribe so they can get things personalised. But interestingly, for some of the items, you can exchange them for a different size or colour.

This is a new idea and one I think is quite useful. Sometimes the box companies get it wrong, and a lot of the complaints about other subscription boxes seem to revolve around the fact that often the items seem to be completely off the wall when it comes to the profile you filled out. 

So, what did I get in my first Moi-Meme box you ask? Well, let’s dive in. 

Firstly the box itself is personalised, with a sticker, so I know this box is mine. I like this little touch. 

The box is themed too, this is The Adventure Box and just rather lovely. 

From designer Lisa Angel there is a gorgeous scarf (3 designs available) I have the very pretty peacock feather design. I love scarves as accessories and add them to outfits and bags all the time so this will certainly be making its debut soon. 

There is also a really pretty bracelet of silver beads on a delicate blue cord. It looks rather chic on my wrist and will go nicely with most summer (and other seasonal) outfits. 

I don’t know how they knew at Moi-Meme but I love notebooks, I have hundreds and I’m always picking them up. Most get used, some get lost, but this one is mine. 

My passport is not as well used as I’d like, mostly because it’s pretty new and you don’t get stamps for travelling in Europe (yet). But this Laurige France passport holder is very smart and soft. I think my burgundy British passport will look rather swish tucked into this. Now to plan a holiday! 

Now, frequent fliers will know I love beauty treats, and these Evolve Organic Beauty tubs of body polish and butter are right up my street. 

The polish is a sugar based scrub with no soap but lots of skin friendly natural oils to remove dead skin and leave you all fresh. Then you apply its friend, the shea butter based moisturiser. Again full of skin loving natural ingredients, it smells delicious and goes on like a dream. 

All in all, I love this box. It’s gorgeous. 

I am also impressed with their customer service offers – if you want to exchange certain items (scarf, bracelet, passport holder) for different designs/sizes you can. Or you can pop onto their online shop and buy more goodies for you or as gifts. The booklet has all the details. 

Did you subscribe to Moi-Meme or are you tempted? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.