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Nails Inc. Mini Splurge

Now you’re probably aware my main beauty addiction is nail polish and my favourite supplier is Nails Inc.

They’ve got a new limited edition range in association with Alice + Olivia. Four polishes ready for Autumn.


While I was on the site I accidentally added some other polishes to my basket.

Spring/Summer Gel Effect Collection


I already have a few of these shades, but since I love them, a back up option isn’t so bad.

Autumn Gel Effect Collection


New, deeper shades for the changing seasons.

When you spend £35 you get a free gift, and £45 gets you free delivery. If you become a VIP member (£5 a year) you get 10% off each item you buy. Massive savings plus goodies.

Freebies - nail kale Regents Park

And can we talk about packaging. A box to keep your polishes in delivered in a reusable bag. Excellent use of packaging with minimal waste.

The splurge in full

Well that’s me with plenty of polish to use till the next time I get the urge to splurge.


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Nails Inc in a box

So I found a discount voucher for Nails Inc and as I can’t resist nail polish I treated myself.


I got nail kale nail strengthener, top coat and two nail polishes as well as the blossom nail decoration set.

Nails Inc sent me a free gift of three mini shades and randomly a kinder bueno chocolate bar.

Free delivery on top of that. Ordered Saturday and here this morning. Rather chuffed. Now if only my nails were not so brittle.


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Nail polish – my beauty addiction


So, pretty much every time I go to somewhere like Boots or Superdrug, regardless of what I actually need to buy, I come home with at least two more nail polishes. There is a large box of them in my wardrobe/dressing room/beautifying corner. Most are Barry M or Nails Inc, with a few random ones (usually freebies from magazines or gift sets, sometimes beauty boxes) thrown in for good measure.  I had a clear out recently off all tge manky, dried out ones.


The thing is, I don’t paint my fingernails, it chips too quickly and my nails are pretty brittle to start with. So all these lovely colours only get used on my toenails and only get seen in the summer flip flop months.

I have to have painted toenails at all times and redo them every fortnight, changing colour each time. I don’t like feet and one of my toes is bent from being broken and reset badly when I was 19. Even wrapped up in thick socks and my knitted Ugg boots (which I love for their warmth and don’t care that they’re rather ugly) my toes need that pop of colour, they look sad and naked without it. And I know it’s there!

I don’t really like pastel colours, I prefer bright jewel tones, they contrast quite nicely against my really pale skin. I’m the same with clothes, I will pick the emerald, sapphire or royal purple every time.

Which means I get really fed up when new colours come out and they’re weedy pastels. Like Barry M’s new speedy dry colours, all pastels – boring.

I’ve also got quite into matte finish polishes too, sometimes it’s more interesting than a gloss finish.

Just whatever you do, make sure it’s completely dry before you put socks on, take it from me, fluffy toes are not a good look!