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Nailbox December

Nailbox’s latest dropped into my lap this Christmas Eve with Spring shades for 2016.


Lilacs, and Nails Inc’s Blossom polish.

Plus a nail art pen, and randomly, a set of tweezers, for brows, not nails! It’s called Nailbox chaps, don’t dilute the brand!

I like the shades of purple and the Blossom (aka Bloomsbury Way) would look great over the top or even on naked nails!

Won’t be rocking these shades till after the sun comes back, spring flourishes don’t really match with the almost constant deluge outside.

If you want to see my Christmas nails, you’ll have to pop over to Instagram to find out!

Merry Christmas.💅⛄🎁❄🎀🎅🎄🌞