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Book Preview: The Lustre of Lost Things – Sophie Chen Keller

Walter has trouble with communicating but a knack for finding things in the neighbourhood around his mother’s bakery – The Lavenders. But when this magical place is threatened, can Walter save the day or will his speech impediment stop him? 
This book is genuinely a delight to read. Walter comes alive on the page as do the characters he meets on his adventures. I wish The Lavenders was a real place you could visit. 

Chen Killer’s debut is a lovely, mug of hot chocolate of a read. It’s been compared to The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night time but only in having a teen protagonist who’s a little different. 

The book will be published on the 8th of August so off you pop to place an order. 

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Book Preview: I Know My Name – C.J Cooke

Eloise wakes up on a Greek island surrounded by strangers and with no memory of who she is and how she got there. 
Meanwhile in London Lachlan is frantically trying to find his wife, who’s disappeared without a trace. 

As both frantically spiral into their fears, secrets are revealed and things thought left in the past resurface. 

What starts out like a fairly typical thriller soon becomes something else. The exploration of mental illness and people’s choices is thought provoking without feeling exploitative and the characters, while definitely privileged, are flawed and relatable. 

Due for publication on 15th June 2017, I really enjoyed this book. I like a good psychological thriller and this is definitely a good one.