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Yogi Surprise – first box

I have been trying to get back into yoga, it’s good for your body and also your mind, so I was delighted when Yogi Surprise started shipping internationally.


A box of treats and yoga tools – hopefully this will inspire me to practise more.

Mind Over Lather – mat cleaning spray in lavender mint – this smells heavenly and will hopefully prevent that sweaty rubber smell yoga mats give off after a while.

Natural Fitness hemp yoga strap – yoga straps help you get into some of the asanas or poses that are a little trickier if you’re not super flexible. Unfortunately they can also be expensive, so getting one in this box is great.


Bearded Brothers Fabulous Ginger Peach Energy Bar – the first ingredient is dates, which unfortunately means I will be passing on this – I find they overwhelm all other flavours and if I want to live on dates, I’ll buy Medjool ones from the little grocers on the corner.

Yoga Gangsters essential oils energy mist – I spritzed this on for the all important sniff test – it smells good but I didn’t feel instantly more energetic. Though apparently you should spray into the air and inhale deeply – I don’t think my asthmatic lungs will be too keen.


Gaiam Yoga Gloves – these grippy gloves help you keep yourself from slipping on sweaty palms and can be used without a mat. Great for practicing on the go.


Finally a beautiful bonus treat – a jade tree of life bracelet



This was in a little cloth bag, and is worth more than the box cost.

Jade encourages love, inner peace, balance and harmony, while the tree of life represents knowledge and wisdom. All things I could do with.

If you want to win a yoga retreat, they host a monthly prize draw on their social media pages, all you have to do is take a selfie of you and your box that’s fun. I guess a yoga pose with box is what they’re after.



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BuddhiBox – May + socks!


I ordered this through Etsy as international subscriptions are not currently available. It cost £20 but contents comes to approx £60.

I wanted April’s Goddess Yoga box but sadly so many of the items were out of stock so I got May’s instead.

– Sweat house Brands yoga towel and saucha spray – keeps your yoga mat fresh.

– Frisky Fish essential oil blend with lemon & lavender. Smells amazing.

– Below the Oak solid perfume in Vixen. I do like solid perfume and this one is subtle and warm.

– Lasting Smiles Peppermint Creme lip balm. I can’t get the lid off! But an organic, cruelty free lip balm is a win in my book.

– Poppy & Elle set of 3 headbands.

– Amazing Grass shake mix – super healthy blend of fruit, veg, greens and plant proteins.

– Go Macro cashew caramel snack bar – gluten free, vegan, macrobiotic. Not 90% dates ( which is brilliant as I’m sick of all the dates in health bars).

– Yokibics four AM meditation downloads.

– Recipe card – date and almond chocolates

– yoga pose card – bird of paradise

– inspirational quote card


I also got the toe socks from the April box as an apology for not being able to send me the box I asked for, which is very sweet and unexpected.

I do think this box is very good value for money, and you don’t have to be a yoga bunny to appreciate it. I just hope they start offering international subscriptions soon and then I won’t miss out. 


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BuddhiBox – review


BuddhiBox is a yoga lover’s beauty and lifestyle box from the US.

They don’t currently ship to the UK as a subscription but you can buy the boxes through Etsy. Which doesn’t make a huge amount of sense and costs a lot more than the equivalent on their website, before shipping.

I also had to pay a hefty customs charge, which means until there’s an easier way to order this box, I probably won’t again. Which is a shame because their Instagram is full of lovely things included in their monthly boxes.

Anyway, back to this one.


It’s not a huge box but it is quite full. I said I didn’t mind which box I got, this is March’s. April’s is curated by a yogi called Jo and contains different items.

I received a small pot of rosewater ghee face & skin cream, which intrigues me as ghee is more commonly used in Indian cooking.

An organic sanitizer spray for use after yoga to kill any bacteria that transfers from the mat to your hands. I recommend giving your yoga mat a spritz of anti-bac every now and then and hanging it outside every now and then to air it so that feet smell doesn’t linger. This will probably end up in my bag, I like to carry hand sanitizer when commuting.

A fancy bottle of nail polish in Namaste, this has no formaldehyde and other not very pleasant chemicals and is a nude shade.


There was also a small yoga strap, which is used to assist with poses.

A small malas or Buddhist prayer bead bracelet to aid in meditation.

A recipe card for a dish called kitchari, which seems to be a bit like dhal with mung beans and rice.

A yoga pose card – tree pose, which is one of my favourite poses as it’s a big stretch to the sky and you have to focus to maintain your balance.


The card listing the box’s contents has a great quote on it “you are the sky. Everything else is just weather” – Pema Chodron. 

Loose leaf oolong tea, custom blended for BuddhiBox. It also has a reusable muslin tea bag, which is a clever idea. I don’t drink black tea or coffee, mostly just water and herbal teas so this will come in useful.

There are a couple of business cards from the different companies involved – some with discounts and then the randomest item. A temporary tattoo.


I don’t really get the need for this item and would have preferred something else. This seems to be a bit of a trend because I’ve had at least one beauty box recently with temporary tattoos in them. I remember they were all the rage the summer I was 9, I think a cereal company were giving them away, but I don’t see many grown women feeling the need.

All in all it’s a bit mixed and not all of the items seem connected to yoga or meditation. As I said at the start this was pretty expensive so I’m a little disappointed at the contents. Hopefully they’ll start shipping internationally through their website soon and the prices will be comparative to the US.


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I went to my first Fit Club session last night, led by my friend Kayleigh and now I ache all over.

I am not remotely fit, but it’s time to remedy that, having spent the last few months changing my eating habits, I’ve decided my sloth-like habits need to as well.

Wednesday nights are Fit Club, and hopefully Thursday afternoon will be yoga, I’ve sent an email to a local yogi so fingers crossed there’s space in her class.

Bits of my body ache that I don’t really get why, and since I walk everywhere, really shouldn’t.

What’s your fitness routine? Are you a gym bunny or a sloth like me? 🙂 Let me know your favourite exercises/work outs in the comments.


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Yoga – good for the soul


So recently I’ve been getting back into yoga and boy am I stiff! Feel about 900 years old. Yoda would probably do a better job than me!


My joints creak like they need oil, my knees especially hate me and the other day I felt physically sick getting up and into the warrior pose.

I’ve started following some yogis on instagram in hopes of inspiration from people who stretch and headstand regularly. I’ve got a mat, and a dvd to guide me through. I just need to find the get up and go to do it every day.

I don’t like exercise, so thank goodness getting healthier is only 20% exercise and 80% nutrition. I’ve got the healthy eating down (lost half a stone in a month) but need to do more with my body. Walking I do regularly, cycling and swimming I used to love.

Motivation is what I lack. What do you do to get motivated?