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Yoga – good for the soul


So recently I’ve been getting back into yoga and boy am I stiff! Feel about 900 years old. Yoda would probably do a better job than me!


My joints creak like they need oil, my knees especially hate me and the other day I felt physically sick getting up and into the warrior pose.

I’ve started following some yogis on instagram in hopes of inspiration from people who stretch and headstand regularly. I’ve got a mat, and a dvd to guide me through. I just need to find the get up and go to do it every day.

I don’t like exercise, so thank goodness getting healthier is only 20% exercise and 80% nutrition. I’ve got the healthy eating down (lost half a stone in a month) but need to do more with my body. Walking I do regularly, cycling and swimming I used to love.

Motivation is what I lack. What do you do to get motivated?



2 thoughts on “Yoga – good for the soul”

  1. I started doing yoga a couple of days ago and, I know I have a long way to go (I really understand the feeling 900 years old!) but at the moment im finding motivation ok, youtube videos of yoga have really helped me! Im trying a 30 day yoga challenge to get me in to it. Im stubborn and refuse to give up so I know I will do the 30 days and hopefully I will feel enough of a difference to be motivated to continue!
    ~ The Mechanic x


  2. My motivation has always been don’t think about what you want to become, think about what you don’t. It’s far scarier! 😉


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